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Open your own Nuts4Nuts Business


  1. Enter into a license agreement with United Snacks, Inc. for a specific exclusive territory (starting at $10K)
  2. Visit New York City for a two-day orientation
  3. Make preparations in your selling territory including securing a vending location and food prep/storage facility
  4. Receive a one-week training in your selling territory from United Snacks personnel
  5. Start making money


  1. An exclusive territory for five-years with an option to renew
  2. Proprietary knowledge amassed over two decades in business
  3. Trade secrets including how to purchase, prepare and market Nuts4Nuts
  4. An exciting, high margin product with an alluringly sweet smell (see below)

Sales / Costs

One 3 oz. bag of honey-roasted peanuts:

Sales  $2.00
COGS*  .14*
Gross Margin $1.86
* does not include labor

Basic franchise capital expenditure:

1 Delivery vehicle              $25,000
1 Indoor venue kiosk $15,000
1 NYC-style pushcart $5,000
Food prep equipment $1,000
Total $41,000
Biz Opportunity