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Nuts4Nuts: Crafting NYC's Honey-Roasted Nut Tradition

Honey-roasted nuts came to New York City by way of Buenos Aires , Argentina in 1984. Known in B.A. as Mani Garripanada, the sweet-smelling concoction can actually trace its roots to the 1920’s, when the French brought honey-roasted pralines to Argentina and first started experimenting with peanuts (“mani”). The carts’ signature copper bowl enables the even and rapid distribution of heat required to get the sugar to envelop the nut with a crunchy, sweet exterior.

The Nuts4Nuts brand was started in New York in 1993 by Alejandro Rad. Mr. Rad, born in Mendoza, Argentina and now an American citizen, started out as a honey-roasted nuts vendor in 1989. He began with one pushcart and grew steadily. Today, the company he owns in partnership with Bronx native Cliff Stanton – United Snacks, Inc. – supplies nearly 100 pushcarts throughout the city.

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Nuts4Nuts: Crafting NYC's Honey-Roasted Nut Tradition

“After nearly three decades of providing honey-roasted joy, Nuts4Nuts has become an integral part of the city’s gastronomic history – as iconic as the pretzel and dirty water dog.” – Edible Bronx Read Feature

Israeli website YNET which recently interviewed Chef Bruce Mattel of The Culinary Institute of America. He rated Nuts4Nuts the #2 street food.“ Nuts roasted in honey according to the style used in Buenos Aires, always fresh and delicious. The first vending cart offered roasted nuts to pedestrians on the streets of New York already in 1993. Today, they already operate trolleys around the city.” -YNET

They’ll set up on corners and in parks around the city, boil the ingredients in copper pans until the mixture caramelizes, creating a cloud of toasty, sugary air, beckoning passersby.” – Taste Read Feature